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Project Distant Adoption of African Children


The Aim of project

The project, Distant Adoption of African Children focuses on education. We aim to help children who live in poverty without means to access education because their parents or guardians cannot afford to pay school fees. These children stay in Africa and live with their parents/guardians, however the “Adoptive Parent” from abroad (usually from Europe) it can be a single person, group of people, family, school, organisation or a company – financially supports the child by paying school fees, uniforms costs and other expenses connected with the child's education. This financial support enables these children to enjoy basic living conditions, comparable with other children in the rest of the world, as they complete their education.


Money from adoptive parents does not go to the families of the students. Instead, the funds are sent directly to schools or to our local workers.  These local workers take care of enrolment, ensure that each child attends the most suitable school, buy all necessary school equipment for these children and work in cooperation with the families. The “Adoptive Family” is informed regularly about their child's progress. Letters and photographs are exchanged between the adoptive family and their adopted child. The family can even visit their adopted child in Africa. The minimum period for adoption is 12 months. The role of the Adoptive Parent can be undertaken by an individual person, group of people, family, school, organization or company.

V rámci adopce zajistíme: asistenci při úkolech po škole, stravování ve školách, základní zdravotní péči a prevenci, podporu dívkám při předčasném těhotenství, ochranu před ženskou obřízkou, nucenými sňatky, domácím násilím, po ukončení vzdělání pomoc při dalším nasměrování s ohledem na schopnosti, talent, úsilí či rodinnou situaci daného dítěte.

The Distant Adoption of African Children is much more than just economic support. It creates a bond of understanding, solidarity and mutual affection between different cultures and different nations. "


The yearly contribution for a child in Guinea attending elementary school grade 1-6 is 6000KC (Czech Koruna) ; attending elementary school grade 7-10 is 7500 KC and for a child attending high school is 9000 KC. (High School) (For your information - its a price equals to price of one coffee per day).

The adoption dates and dates of school enrolment

The school year in Guinea starts in October and ends in June, and consists of three trimesters with a total of three months’ vacation. The adopted child usually can enrol at the beginning of each trimester – in October, in January and in April. After finishing the school year, each child receives a report card with grades. The adoptive parents receive a letter or a drawing from their adopted child and an updated picture twice a year.


How to adopt an African child through distance adoption

  1. Choose a child from the database. If you want us to choose on your behalf send us an email to and state the yearly amount you wish to contribute – (6000KC, 75000KC, 9000KC or any arbitrary amount).
  2. Go to the website
  3. Fill in the donation agreement in which you state your personal details and the method of payment. Print the agreement twice, sign it and send both copies to our address: Wontanara, Tyrsova 1, Prague2, 120 00
  4. After receiving your agreement we will fill in the dates of payments based on your child's enrolment dates. Please transfer each payment to the account as stated on your agreement. Do not forget to provide your child's identification number when transferring the payment.
  5. Within 14 days after receiving your donation agreement we will post back one copy with all the payments details and our signature.

Once this procedure is completed, the adoption is valid and your adopted child will enrol in school on the first available date. The enrollment dates are October 1st, January 1st and April 1st.


You will receive your first letter and school record card approximately 2 months after your adopted child finishes the trimester.